Major League Baseball Playoffs Preview


James Kim, Staff Writer

October baseball has finally started as the regular season has ended. Both wild card games have been played, as the Blue Jays beat the Orioles in the American League, and the Giants beat the Mets in the National League. The winners will move on to the division series, which is made of eight teams who are fighting to eventually play in the Championship Series and the World Series.

The Toronto Blue Jays will be playing the Texas Rangers in the American League Division series. This renews the rivalry from last year, as the Blue Jays impressively made a comeback to beat Texas in 5 games. Highlighted by Jose Bautista’s bat flip, they had stunned the Rangers. The tension between the two teams was also present in this year’s regular season. After a hard slide from Bautista during a game in May, Rougned Odor punched him in the jaw, leading to a suspension to both players. A sense of rivalry will be in the air as the series starts.

Also playing in the American League, the Boston Red Sox will face the Cleveland Indians. Boston will try to send off retiring legend, David Ortiz, in great fashion. Despite having home field advantage, Cleveland seems to be overpowered by Big Papi and his teammates.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will play the Washington Nationals in the National League Division Series. Both teams are solid in all aspects. The series should be close as both have well-built batting orders and pitching staffs.

Finally, the San Francisco Giants will be playing the Chicago Cubs in the National League Division Series. The Giants have been on a role, as they have made the playoffs four times in the last six years (including 3 World Series titles). However, Chicago has been the best team in the whole league this season. They won 103 games in the regular season and are favorable winners for this year’s World Series. Both teams have a high possibility of winning a ring, and it will be a fun series to watch.