Lars Mittank: Let’s Get Weird Ep.1

Lars Mittank: Lets Get Weird Ep.1

Nick Looney , Staff Writer

Hello, and welcome to the very first installment of Let’s Get Weird! Since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal, unexplained, cryptids, and the flat out weird. I usually don’t talk about it much, because if you ramble on about the origins of The Loch Ness monster one too many times, you tend to get labeled as, well, a little weird. But I will now bring to you discussions on a variety of spooky topics and expect many more episodes of Let’s Get Weird down the line. For this very first article, I was inspired by a conversation I had with Mr. McCrystal and my World History class. Today, I will be discussing one of the weirdest unexplained disappearances ever. This is the case that inspired me to begin this series.

Lars Mittank was a 28-year-old German man. In July 2014, Lars and some friends traveled to Golden Sands, Bulgaria; a hot spot for young tourists, and the host of many spring break parties. Things got heated during a beach party when fans of the Bayern Munich soccer team beat Lars up for being a fan of Werder Bremen. Lars walked away with an ear injury, something minuscule to most, but for Lars, it would set him on a path leading to his eventual disappearance. That night, he and his friends went to a local McDonald’s, but a very nervous Lars chose to remain outside when his friends went in to get their food. When his friends came back out, Lars was gone. When they woke up the next morning, a very tired Lars was in their hotel room. He claimed that the Bayern Munich fans had paid some Bulgarian thugs to beat him up. Considering that didn’t explain his disappearance, his friends were suspicious. Here’s where the story begins to become confusing. Some sources say that an airport doctor, who diagnosed Lars’ injury, advised him to wait longer to fly home than he had originally planned. Some sources, supposedly even the doctor’s own records, state that Lars was cleared to fly. No matter, in both accounts the doctor prescribes him Cefuroxime 500. Eventually, the trip ends, and Lars, refusing to fly home, claiming the doctor told him not to, convinces his friends to go home without him. He rents a room at a seedy hostel. That night, a panicked Lars began to text his mom, saying he didn’t feel safe. He told her he could hear men outside plotting to do something to him. He then told her that he was wandering the city, hiding from four men who were chasing him. He called her and told her to cancel all his credit cards, which she did. He then began to repeatedly text her, asking what Cefuroxime 500 was. The next day, Lars came with all his luggage to the airport and went to see the doctor. Before the doctor could talk with him, a man in a construction uniform walked into the office. Lars saw him, and ran from the room, leaving his luggage behind. Security cameras captured Lars sprinting out of the airport, climbing a barbed wire fence, and disappearing into the woods. He was never seen again.

Some people believe Lars was targeted as a drug mule, and either the drugs leaked inside of him, causing his irrational behavior, and maybe even hallucinations of the men chasing him, or that he somehow betrayed the cartel, which sent men after him. Others believe he was suffering from tourist confusion. I find this extremely unlikely. Not only does this not explain his hallucinations, but if he was scared of the new place he was in, why didn’t he leave with his friends? You would think he’d be in a rush to leave. In addition, there were frantic searches for him. Either someone got rid of him, or he was a very good hider for a delusional and confused man who was unfamiliar with the layout of the country.  The fact that he extracted no money from his bank account nor took any possessions with him rules out the fact that he staged his disappearance in my book. I guess it’s up to you to decide what to believe.