Meet the class of 2020


Nick Looney , Staff Writer

As an opportunity to get the Class of 2020 infused into the Oratory Prep community, I decided to start “Meet The Class of 2020.” Several students have written a short piece about themselves in an attempt to get their names out there. This is supposed to be a fun article, and I hope you enjoy meeting the “characters” of my grade. I plan on releasing several more articles like this if there is interest. Without further ado, meet my classmates.

Matthew Mazzucca

People know me as “Ketchup”, a nickname I got when I wore one of my favorite shirts which said, “I put ketchup on my ketchup.” I live in Watchung and attended the Academy of Our Lady of Peace in New Providence before coming to Oratory. My favorite subject is History.


Zach Devita-Paulson

My hobbies are going out with friends and playing video games. I can’t wait until that awesome new building is finished, it’s gonna be dope. I think Matt Garibaldi is cool. I wish Emmy would talk more and I’m enjoying most things in my life right now.

(Note from the author: Emmy is his girlfriend)

Steven Fudenna

I’m Steven Fudenna. I have 3 other siblings including a brother, Kyle Fudenna, who graduated from Oratory just last year. I play on the JV soccer team and my favorite soccer team is Manchester United. I enjoy playing music as I can play several different instruments: the trumpet, viola,violin, tuba, and steel pan.

Jeffrey Jarvis

I’m currently a freshman. My favorite sport is hockey. I like to fish whenever I have free time.

Cole Noss

I am Cole Noss, a freshman at Oratory. I run cross country in the fall, I am going to try fencing in the winter, and I play lacrosse in the spring. I am currently on the OP Omega, part of the History and Politics Club, and I am in the Saint Philip Neri Club, as well. I also am planning to run for Student Council in October when elections come, and I hope that I can meet more people and make more friends.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this article. If you’d like to see a blurb about yourself in the next edition of “Meet The Class of 2020,” shoot me an email.