Bombings in New York and New Jersey


James Kim, Staff Writer

Residents of New Jersey and New York were shocked to hear of the recent bombings that took place. On an early Saturday morning, a device in a backpack detonated along a 5K run in Seaside, New Jersey. Thankfully no one was injured by this explosion and the race was cancelled. It was reported that one of the three bombs in the backpack had exploded.

At 8:30 pm of the same day, there was an explosion on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, New York. The blast blew a dumpster down the street and shattered several windows, causing 29 bystanders to get injured. The street, along with major subways, were closed as several units responded to the explosion. That night, an unexploded device was found on West 27th street, rigged with wires, a phone, and black tape. The next day, the NYPD added 1,000 more state police officers, sent more weapon teams, and carried out additional bag checks in city subway stations.

On Sunday, an explosive device in a backpack detonated at 11 West Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey. A bomb squad robot was cutting into the device as the device went off. One of five devices had exploded in the backpack. No one was injured from the bomb.

After looking through surveillance and gathering evidence, the police determined that 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami was the primary suspect. He was a United States citizen who was of Afghan descent. He was directly linked to the address in Elizabeth, and he left a fingerprint on one of the devices. He was found by police sleeping in the doorway of a bar in Elizabeth. He pulled out a gun and shot a police officer, who was protected by a bullet-proof vest. He then shot another officer in the hand, before getting shot in the leg and arm before getting captured. This investigation on this act of terrorism is ongoing as the people who accompanied him will need to be caught.

Oratory sophomore Justin Oei was approximately three blocks away from the explosion in Manhattan. Here is his perspective as the incident occurred.

Q: Can you describe what happened in the area?

A: So I was about three blocks away when the bombings happened (I was at 23rd and Madison…the bombing happened at 23rd and 7th). There was a loud noise and then all of a sudden a bunch of firemen and ambulances started tearing down the street.

Q: What was your reaction to the incident?

A: I thought it was a gunshot. I didn’t know it was a bombing until we were in a cab and saw it on the news.

Q: How did people are you act?

A: People around me dismissed the attacks as a tire being blown or something…but nothing serious.