Eighth Grade Year in Review


Nick Looney, Staff Writer

With finals coming up, it looks like my first year here at Oratory is coming to a close. And what a year it has been. Because I am on the verge of high school, I figure for my last Omega article of the school year, I would detail what this year was like for me and my fellow eighth graders.

On the first day of school, I was among several new kids joining the original 10 eighth graders. They welcomed us with open arms, and we all became fast friends. First, we had the middle school retreat in September. I really got to know the other guys in my grade, and we really started having fun together. Then, Halloween rolled around.  I feel like that was the night when we really became a group of friends. Next came the first dance of the year. We all spent our time high-fiving each other over dancing with girls, like the immature kids we are. But that was my first real example of us all being connected and supporting each other. My next memory of this year was Christmas at Oratory. This was a really big deal for me, because I had been at public school my whole life, and wasn’t really allowed to celebrate Christmas. The rest of the year really started to go by in a flash. Dances, hanging out in town on half days and Fridays, then always ending up at Ben Landis’ house, and recent events, such as field day. This year has been really special to me. And even though I am going to miss being in eighth grade, I am looking forward to an even better ninth grade year. I’d also like to give shout-outs to my eighth grade brothers, Patrick Windels, Matt Torrisi, John Celona, Miles Madigan, Sesugh Dio, Anthony Coraggio, Ben Landis, Conor Maenpaa, Jason Cevallos, Jack Holt, Peter Ainsworth, Jack Sula, Zach DeVita – Paulson, and the two students in our grade leaving next year, Adrien Chehade and Devraj Duttagupta. I’d like to end this article with some final thoughts by my classmates about this year.


My eighth-grade year at Oratory has been a lot of fun, and I am going to miss our small group. I hope that during our Freshman year we all stick together and that it will be as good as our eighth-grade year.” – John Celona

“To me, Oratory means, and always will mean, a sense of community. The faculty, students, and parents make this Oratory what it is and unifies us as brothers and sisters. This community, that my classmates and I so fortunate to be a part of, makes everyone who enters our building feel happy, welcome, and makes everyone feel like family. This creates the most amazing environment for all of us to be a part of and I have had the most amazing experience at my first year at Oratory.” – Jack Sula

“My experience with Oratory Prep’s grade 8 class was a real exciting experience. Although the school building was smaller than my old school (in England), I loved the community. My favorite part of OP was the community. I am very sad that I am not going to be in the class of 2020 in OP. I will be in the class of 2020 in my new school. I had a lot of friends, I will really miss being in OP. The building I will really miss is going to  be Newman Hall because It will be demolished in June. I would like to thank all the teachers and students who helped me settle into the school. I will really miss this school. To me, June will be the saddest month for me. I know that all the grades 7 and 8 students will really miss me. When I leave, I want all my friends to remember me. I will really miss Oratory Prep.” –Devraj Duttagupta