Middle School Baseball Update


Nick Looney, Staff Writer

When spring comes around, many people return to their favorite warm weather pastimes. For many, that’s America’s pastime: baseball. Oratory is no exception to this. While our middle school baseball team isn’t doing the greatest right now, with a 2 and 2 record, I still believe they have a promising season ahead of them. Especially because they have now have as many wins as losses. In an effort to get a special viewpoint of the team, I interviewed two members, by the names of Ben Landis and Marco Corrado.

  1. How much baseball experience do you have?

Ben: I’ve been playing since 1st grade.

Marco: I played when I was little until 3rd grade then stopped then rejoined this year.

  1. What made you want to join the middle school baseball team?

Ben: Wanting to play for my school and loving baseball.

Marco: I wanted to join the baseball team so I can be with all my friends and so I can play a fun sport.

  1. What have you learned this season on the team? (about life, baseball, etc.)

Ben: That there is a lot of baseball potential in the middle school.

Marco: I learned that it is best to work as a team and improving matters.

  1. How does your team plan to improve in the remainder of the season?

Ben: Make fewer errors and score more runs.

Marco: By doing the simple things practice throwing the ball, grounders, catching, batting, and what we need to improve.

  1. How do you plan to improve?

Ben: To pitch fewer pitches, but go more innings.

Marco: I plan to improve my game by going to the cages and having my brother throw pop-ups and roll grounders.

  1. What is a typical practice like?

Ben: Stretching, throwing, infield/outfield training, and rundowns .

Marco: A typical practice is we stretch, have a quick throw, go on the field and practice fielding. If we are in the gym we hit in the batting cage.