Light the Night Walk 2014

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Light the Night Walk 2014

Michael McHale, Staff Writer

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Written by Mike McHale

The annual Light the Night Walk for Oratory Prep in 2014 was another successful one!! The event took place on Saturday, October 18th, at the Verona Park.


“Light The Night Walk is a fundraising campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) which brings together families and communities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases, to shine a light on the importance of finding cures and providing access to treatments for blood cancer patients.”


The Oratory Prep team had another solid showing as well as hundreds of other individuals walking and donating to strike out cancer. As you can see from photos on the Oratory Prep facebook page, many individuals were given red lights. The inspirational individuals who fought and beat cancer were given white lights. In addition to having everyone donate to this clearly worthy cause, it was a great way to get multiple communities together to fight for a common cause.


The Oratory community also has individuals who recently crushed cancer. The inspirations-to-us-all, our friends, classmates and family members included Joe Marzella, Jack Vander Meulen, and Mr. Mahan. All of those men are true examples of strong-willed individuals who we can all learn life lessons from. These men always had, and continue to keep, a positive outlook on life. They all knew they would make it out of their treacherous battle victoriously.
Overall, it was a great event for everyone involved both inside and outside of the Oratory Prep community, and I would recommend donating to the foundation to help bolster the fight against cancer.

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